Monday, November 29, 2010

Help Us Save The Waves in Peru!

We're working on a campaign to promote the new Wave Protection Law in Peru. View the video and sign our petition below:

> Sign the petition here --- "Saving Peruvian Waves" - on

> Learn more about Peru's official federal Wave Protection Law by downloading the proposal here in our Save The Waves Library. (clicking on the link will automatically begin PDF download)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Save The Waves Bids Fond Farewell to Josh Berry

Environmental Director moving on after five years with organization:

San Francisco, CA – November 23, 2010 – Save The Waves announced that current environmental director Josh Berry will be leaving the organization’s staff in December. Berry, who served as STW’s Chile program director for three years before serving as environmental director for the past two, will be leaving the organization to pursue other interests, including a months-long break from environmental work to refresh and recharge.

“I’m honored to have served as an advocate for the coastal environment on behalf of Save The Waves and the greater community,” says Berry. “I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished, from igniting a coastal environmental movement in Chile, to launching the World Surfing Reserves movement, to leading a major emergency relief operation in Chile. Save The Waves has proven repeatedly that with the right focus and passion, you can accomplish a great deal with humble resources.”

Berry leaves Save The Waves as the organization continues to grow in both size and awareness, leading a growing movement around the world to protect the coastal zone with particular emphasis on protecting surfing coastline. Berry, who also led Save The Waves’ Documentary Film program, also hasn’t ruled out collaborating with Save The Waves in the future, and will remain an active member on the organization’s Advisory Board.

“Josh has done amazing work for Save The Waves and has always had a no-nonsense attitude of getting things done,” says STW executive director Dean LaTourrrette. “He’ll definitely be missed, but at the same time he’s also laid solid groundwork for others to come in and continue this significant work. We’re looking forward to expanding on his work in Chile and beyond.”

Above: Josh and the STW Chile Relief ground team, Fall 2010. Photo by Geoffrey Ragatz.

Save The Waves is actively interviewing for a new environmental director, to continue to lead its environmental programs. Interested parties should contact the organization through email via "info at savethewaves dot org" or 831-426-6169.

Film Festival Awards

Thanks to filmmakers Sachi Cunningham (Awesomest Filmmaker Award), Kyle Thiermann (Epic Grommet Activist Award) and Angel Marin (Fuerza Chile Award) for creating great work! Below are the awards that each won at Save The Waves Film Festival on November 12, 2010.

> View Sachi's new 3-part film: Chasing the Swell.

> Watch Kyle's rad new film: Buy Local, Surf Global.

> Enjoy Angel's film that screened at our film festival: Standing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Last night in Malibu:

Ron Herman presents WAVES by Steven Lippman. Proceeds benefit Save The Waves. Info here.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ben Marcus Chats With Save The Waves Film Festival

Turns out that Save The Waves Film Festival is this Friday at the Victoria Theatre, somewhere in San Francisco. Josh Berry (the event producer for STW) offered a free ticket and no margaritas or poki, but he did add: “Hell, the bar sponsors are Ocean Vodka, Jim Beam, some rum, 21st Amendment Brewery, Peligroso Tequila, Zola Acai.”

That all sounded good but I still had reservations. First of all I worked at Surfer Magazine for 10 years and one of my claims to fame was starting the Surfer Magazine Surf Video Awards. This is a really big show now but when I did it the first four years, it was me and a guy named Fran Battaglia suffering the “one yard stare” sitting in an editing booth looking at hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour of endless surf videos. Most of them numbingly the same. The Surfer Video Awards shows were great but I swore I would never watch another surf video again.

I come from a time a long time ago in a decade far far away, a time called the 1970s, when surf movies were actually movies, and shot on film. They were expensive to make and so they were rare, and it was a very big deal when a traveling surf movie would roll into town. Surf movies like Five Summer Stories and Free Ride were a big deal then - they were hard to make and special, in the times before the instant gratification of the Internet.

So I avoid surf videos but could be missing out, because sometimes I’ll see an impressive, interesting effort like the Kelly Slater documentary, and wonder what else I am missing.

I expressed that to Josh and he fouled it off: “We've got a short film called THE SURF MAGAZINES DON'T TALK ABOUT LAPSED CATHOLICS that you absolutely must see. Then we screen a short film collection that's 20 mins long, followed by a quick intro chat to the Mavericks short film CHASING THE SWELL (15 mins short), followed by a solid intermission with live music, and ended with 87 minutes of 180 SOUTH to finish the night. So you can sneak out at various opportunities but I recommend you see CHASING THE SWELL. And the short films that start the night are fricken good, no surf porn waste of space. I also passionately hate surf films, and this will be different if I've done my job.”

So that sounded promising. My other claim to fame at Surfer was writing the first story about Mavericks. My dad lived on Airport Road about a mile from the place and so I had been riding motorcycles up to the north of the spot since the 1970s, and used to see it break all the time. That led to me contacting Jeff Clark when I worked at Surfer and opening Pandora’s Bowl.

So the movies sounded good but I also told Josh I was allergic to hipsters. I said that one of the disadvantages of age is seeing endless generations of 20-somethings reinvent the wheel. When I was a kid, tattoos were low class and bad taste. Now that tattoos are hip, they’re truly vulgar. I said hipsters made me start sneezing and I didn’t want to disrupt the show.

I attended the premiere showing of 180 South in Santa Barbara last winter, and there were so many bearded 20-somethings in puffy Patagonia jackets, they had to haul me out of there on a crash cart. Josh Berry commiserated. He said that he, too, was allergic to hipsters, and he said that he, too, didn’t like surf movies. He apologized again for the lack of margaritas and/or poki, but hoped I would attend anyway.

Maybe I will and maybe I won’t but I am old and jaded. If you are young and fresh, it sounds pretty good: Save The Waves Film Festival is on Friday, Nov 12 at 7pm at the Victoria Theatre. Located at 2961 16th Street, San Francisco. Advance tickets sold here:

- by Ben Marcus

Monday, November 8, 2010

Grommet Activist at Save The Waves Film Festival

A new short film by our young surfer-activist friend and Save The Waves ambassador Kyle Thiermann will premiere at Save The Waves Film Festival:SHOP LOCAL, SURF GLOBAL documents Kyle as he physically follows his purchase of a piece of clothing from a local surf shop in Santa Cruz to its factory origins in Sri Lanka.

In this new film, exotic adventures ensue as he uncovers the mysterious origins of the manufacturing of all the hard goods we take for granted. See it first at Save The Waves Film Festival!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

LAUNCH IT - this Thursday 11/11

Join us on Thursday at the Park Chalet at SF's Ocean Beach for a Launch Party Happy Hour for Save The Waves Film Festival. We'll screen BALI HIGH - that 1981 surf travel classic with the awesome rock soundtrack - and CAPTURE, a documentary by Waves for Development.

We're at the Victoria Theatre on Friday - Save The Waves Film Festival:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eco Surf Films, Art, Music at STW Film Festival

SAVE THE WAVES FILM FESTIVAL is on Friday, November 12 at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco:

* Buy tickets here for STWFF * General Admission ($20) and VIP Admission ($50) tickets are on sale now!

Save The Waves Film Festival features the Malloy's 180 SOUTH surf adventure film; Dave Rastovich's new TRANSPARENT SEA; and Mickey Smith's DARKSIDE OF THE LENSE; the festival short films include fascinating heart-stoppers about the 2009-2010 Mavericks surf season, eco surf issues tackled by Save The Waves own film program, and local activist inspirations!

Featuring live music by MY PEOPLES (formerly Kapakahi) and a crazy art exhibit by Brooklyn artist MIKE HOUSTON.

Get your tickets now for this epic one-night event:

Thank you. All proceeds benefit the non-profit environmental programs of Save The Waves Coalition.

All art in this post is made by Mike Houston.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chile Relief - a One Photo Update

Here's a quick shot of our Chile earthquake relief team at work. We built this greenhouse and now the ladies shown below are growing and selling flowers from it. With the profits they're rebuilding the homes destroyed in their neighborhood! They're doing really well. Photo by Geoffrey Ragatz.

Team Fuerza Chile at work. Geoffrey Ragatz photo. 

Click here for another Chile relief photo from last week. Full Chile relief update coming soon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Malibu World Surfing Reserve Map

Click on map for larger image:

This is the official boundary map of the Malibu World Surfing Reserve. Join us on October 9 for the dedication and celebration in Malibu:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Join Us On October 9:

Dedication & celebration on October 9 in Malibu
Presented by Save The Waves Coalition

World Surfing Reserves Partners: Save The Waves Coalition, National Surfing Reserves & International Surfing Association
Malibu World Surfing Reserve Partners: California Coastal Commission, Santa Monica Baykeeper, Surfrider West Los Angeles/Malibu, County of Los Angeles, City of Malibu & Mayor "Zuma Jay," Project Save Our Surf, EcoHero Kids Foundation, Malibu Surfing Association, Surfing Heritage Foundation,
Blue Ocean Supporters: Paul Mitchell, Body Glove, Billabong, Duke's Malibu.
Green Wave Supporters: Jim Beam, Primo, Clif Bar, Ocean Vodka, Rosenthal Winery, The Malibu Motel, Surfline, Patagonia, Peligroso Tequila, Volcom.
Thank you to the Malibu Local Stewardship Council: Michael Blum, Steven Lippman, Allen Sarlo, Bill Parr, Andy Lyon, Julie Cox, Dillon Perillo, and Josh Farberow.


Fundraiser tickets on sale now - buy tickets here - admission includes music by Jon Swift & Friends, buffet & open bar.


Schedule of Events for Malibu World Surfing Reserve on Saturday, October 9, 2010:

* 7AM - SUNRISE PADDLE OUT at First Point - free event & all are welcome!

* 11AM - DEDICATION CEREMONY at Surfrider Beach - free event & all are welcome!

* 7PM - FUNDRAISER CELEBRATION at Duke's Malibu - tickets on sale now - all ages. 7PM live music at Duke's with Jon Swift & Friends. Admission includes live music, hosted open bar and buffet.

Malibu photo courtesy of Bill Parr.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Project Save Our Surf Joins WSR

Project Save Our Surf Bands Together with World Surfing Reserves

Organization joins Save The Waves Coalition in support for Malibu World Surfing Reserve

September 1, 2010 – World Surfing Reserves and Save The Waves Coalition announced collaboration with Project Save Our Surf, an organization dedicated to ocean and marine ecosystem conservation. Project SOS works in Southern California to advocate for clean beaches and oceans.

“Project Save Our Surf is in full support of the Malibu World Surfing Reserve, and is joining Save The Waves to help preserve one of our most sacred habitats: cherished surf breaks,” said actress, surfer and PSOS founder Tanna Frederick. “Malibu is being designated not only for its world class surf, but for its diverse wildlife, coastal ecosystem and native land as well.”

>>>

Project Save Our Surf in action at the "Surf24" event.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

At Outside Lands Festival

Save The Waves had an outreach & educational booth at Eco Lands in Golden Gate Park over the weekend of August 14. Below are some action photos:

We were giving away DIY sunblock until the Fire Dept shut that part down. (open flame)

Lots of people having fun means lots of waste to compost and recycle.

Grow your own salad!

Dean and Emily are awesome.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monthly eNews

Our monthly eNewsletter is out now:
> View Save The Waves August 2010 Newsletter.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Outside Lands Kick Off Party!

We're raffling tons of gear, photos and Outside Lands tickets at this event. Come over, have fun and help us raise funds for Save The Waves environmental programs:

Please join Save The Waves at our annual Outside Lands Kick Off Party! In the raffle you can win tickets to Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival and other great prizes including art, surf photography and surf gear. Then, follow it up with a > BEACH CLEAN UP on Saturday, August 14 at Ocean Beach, presented by Outside Lands, SF Surfrider, and Save The Waves.

Outside Lands Kick Off Party!
August 11, 2010

Location: John Colins Cocktails
138 Minna Street
San Francisco, California

>> Map link here.

All proceeds to benefit Save The Waves Coalition's nonprofit environmental programs. This event is produced in association with Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival and John Colins Cocktails.

> Map it here:

View Larger Map

>> Beach Clean Up on Saturday, August 14 at Ocean Beach. 10am.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New FCD Patagonia T Shirt Coming Soon

New T shirt coming soon courtesy of Fletcher Chouinard Designs and Patagonia. Proceeds to benefit STW Chile disaster relief.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malibu To Be Declared World Surfing Reserve

Legendary California surf break the first in global network of World Surfing Reserves

Save The Waves Coalition, in partnership with National Surfing Reserves Australia and the International Surfing Association, is proud to announce the forthcoming dedication of iconic Malibu Surfrider Beach as the first World Surfing Reserve.

The enshrinement ceremony for the Malibu World Surfing Reserve will be held at Surfrider Beach on October 9th. There will be a paddle-out celebration, daytime media event, and evening fundraiser to celebrate this special occasion. The October 9th event will also mark the commencement of a stewardship and preservation plan for Malibu aimed at building general awareness around the importance of protecting the world’s greatest, most cherished surf spots.

Malibu is California’s definitive pointbreak and one of the world’s first ‘perfect waves’. Following World War II, Malibu helped established directions in technology, surfing style, and the image of the sport that are still followed today. It remains a transcendent name: included in more than 75 surfing films, representative of a Southern California lifestyle, and represented by name on any number of products and businesses.

A Local Stewardship Council, made up of community members intimately familiar with and dedicated to surfing at Malibu, will be responsible for implementing the stewardship plan to protect Malibu’s environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits. Confirmed members of this Council include local surfing legends Allen Sarlo, Andy Lyon, and Steven Lippman, as well as community members Bill Parr and Michael Blum. Honorable Mayor of Malibu Jefferson Wagner, also known as Zuma Jay, has also voiced his enthusiastic support of the initiative. More stewards will be announced soon.

>> Read the full story here...

* All Malibu photos in this post by Bill Parr.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Letter for Ireland's Crab & Doolin

From: Save The Waves Coalition
To: Senior Executive Officer of Planning
Clare County Council
Aras Contae an Chlair
County Clare, Ireland
Re: PL 10-8006 New Pier at Doolin, County Clare

To Whom It May Concern:

“The secret is officially out. Ireland is one of the top surfing destinations in the world.” – from Discover Ireland (

This letter contains important arguments from Save The Waves Coalition about the proposed new pier, rock revetment and harbor development at Doolin near Crab Island in County Clare.

We respectfully yet adamantly request that planners of the project known as “PL 10-8006” in County Clare cancel current plans for the new harbor pier in Doolin and instead engage directly with the West Coast Surf Club and Irish Surfing Association to revisit alternative existing designs of this project. Alternate designs exist that do not damage the world class surfing waves at Crab Island and Doolin Point, and would ensure that surfers accessing the waves are not endangered by passing ferries.

Save The Waves Coalition is a nonprofit organization based in California with thousands of supporters worldwide, and our sole mission is to protect surf spots and their surrounding environments. It has come to our attention that the proposed design for rock revetment and new pier extension at Doolin would destroy the quality of the surfing waves at Crab Island and Doolin Point, due to wave backwash and wave energy reflection created by the new pier construction. Furthermore, surfers who visit the waves at Crab Island and Doolin Point would be forced to cross the operating paths of ferries using this new facility, consequently endangering their safety with these large boats.

Crab Island and Doolin Point are internationally renowned surf spots visited by thousands of Irish and overseas surfers, and this natural surfing attraction drives a robust local and regional economy based on surfing tourism. The proposed development will effectively destroy or drastically alter the surfing attraction of the area. Personally, I have surfed Ireland’s waves and found them to be unforgettable due to their unequalled quality and consistency. This type of environment for surfing is increasingly difficult to find in the world and is unique. It must be protected.

Our major concern is that this project will destroy a naturally occurring recreational opportunity - surfing - that is already in limited availability worldwide. Surfing and waves are a very limited and valuable resource that must not be destroyed nor altered.

Surfing waves are naturally occurring and exceptionally low-cost to society, and they provide and in fact create a well-developed and rich local surfing economy and culture. In fact, Irish surfers were employed and filmed for nationwide advertising campaigns with Discover Ireland in 2007-08. This means that the government of Ireland recognizes the important cultural and economic value of its unique surfing coastline. These surfing resources must be permanently protected for the benefits of culture, environment and economics.

Save The Waves Coalition respectfully insists that the planning authorities responsible for the new pier project at Doolin clearly and directly address the concerns of surfers who would lose a limited recreational resource if this project is executed as designed. Local surfers have informed our organization that their concerns and interests have not been addressed in the documentation and proposal of this project. By working with the local surfing club and the Irish Surfing Association, we believe that County Clare can find an acceptable alternative to this project without destroying the waves or endangering surfers in the water.

It is important to note that an online petition is now circulating and has already gathered over 3,500 individual signatures asking decision makers to consider these arguments to protect the surf spots at Crab Island and Doolin Point. We look forward to a comprehensive solution to address our legitimate concerns reflecting the interests of local and international surfers.

>>> Sign the petition to save these waves!
Photos by Mickey Smith.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rebuilding Chile

There's something incredibly rewarding about witnessing something you love being built over time. It's the tangible, visible result of hard work and dedication. Here are a couple of photos of our recent work in Chile for tsunami relief aid:

We're helping a community group in the Bio Bio Region of coastal Chile to build greenhouses for sustainable, organic, educational gardens that create jobs and resources for the unemployed.

>> Click here for more photos of our recent tsunami relief work in coastal Chile.

>> Click here for a news update on our work in Chile.

>> Click here for a first-hand account from our fieldworkers in Chile.

A blurry shot of fishermen who lost everything to the tsunami, receiving new nets in Colmuyao. Please forgive the blur, it's low-light wintertime in Chile.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Surfer Activists - In Action

Here at Save The Waves, activism is in our core. The main part of activism is action. Here are a few photos of surfer activists in action in Arica, Chile, protesting an illegal breakwater construction that threatens northern Chile's best surf spots:

> Read more about this here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

About the Long Beach Breakwater

We're proud to support this excellent short film - an independent study by a local concerned citizen, activist and surfer who questions the presence of the Long Beach breakwater and its role in coastal ecology:

Mother Wants Her Beauty Back
a film by Grant Eads:

Mother Wants Her Beauty Back from Grant Eads on Vimeo.

> More information

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Action Photos of Life Is A Wave

More photos>> here on our Facebook Fan Page.
Paul Naude accepts the Wave Saver Award. Jon Swift swoons us. Xperimento rocks it. San Franpsycho screenprints everyone. The oysters and art were delicious. Big thanks to EVERYONE! >>> Photos by Giovanni Agnoli.

Life Is A Wave was on Thursday, May 27, 2010.
The annual fundraiser for Save The Waves nonprofit environmental programs.
* Music by Jon Swift / Xperimento / C Funk / DJ M3 / DJ Solomon / Special Guests
* Live & Silent Auction / Surf Films / Music / Art / Photography / San FranPsycho Live Art
* Complete event info & list of event supporters at

* Life Is A Wave is sponsored by

Clif Bar / Longboard Vineyards / Carve Designs / Hog Island Oyster Co. / Jim Beam / Limón Restaurant / Mavericks Surf Ventures / Patagonia / Ocean Vodka / Quiksilver Foundation / Sovereign Earth / Surfline / Zola Acai / 21st Amendment Brewery

> All photos this post by Giovanni Agnoli.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just The Facts! Chile Relief Specifics

This week we sent out a press release with general information about our ongoing Chile relief work. Details of this work are too numerous to include in a short press release, so here are the beautiful details:

Our Santiago based Chilean coordinator, Patricio Mekis, is administering Save The Waves' Chile efforts from Santiago. This capital city is the productive heart of the country and is the place to "get things done." From Santiago he is coordinating all activities with our new Chilean "tsunami ambassadors" who are based in Pichilemu, Constitución, Curanipe, Buchupureo and Cobquecura. They are also working closely with a strategic planning expert in Santiago who has experience with small NGOs. Mr. Mekis also administers a tight monthly budget for purchasing materials and other help in Santiago destined for each region.

In Pichilemu, Philip and Ramon are administering a local budget to purchase fishing nets, dive masks, and other materials for fishermen in the Pichilemu area. Philip is also working out the details with local schools for several thousand dollars in local grants for students who are involved in leading other local relief efforts. They are also distributing Clif Bars (4 pallets were generously donated and shipped to Chile by Clif Bar), wetsuits and other supplies for the harder-hit regions south of Pichilemu and near Constitución.

In Constitucion, Pocha is organizing a zodiac boat to ferry the remaining 20+/- water filters, miscellaneous supplies, construction materials and Clif Bars to a remote area upriver from Constitución that was completely cut off by the earthquake (the area previously depended on a dilapidated train for all outside contact but the quake destroyed the rails into this remote area). Pocha is also organizing a massive beach cleanup of Constitucion coastline this month, and he will be coming online with other great local projects for Constitución as his time permits. The destruction, and the scope of work left to do, is quite serious in this area and there is not a lot of outside help now that nearly 3 months have passed and the urgency of the situation has simmered down in the media.

In Curanipe, Grillo is collaborating closely with our partner Coastkeeper program and together they are organizing the purchase and distribution of construction materials and fishing supplies for Curanipe and Pelluhue tsunami zones. Grillo is also organizing a small work and cleanup crew for these reconstruction projects in an area that was completely destroyed by a direct tsunami hit. Once this is accomplished, Grillo will also be administering a small scholarship program for student tsunami victims there and will be starting a gardening project.

Also in Curanipe, a group of 3 doctors from Santiago traveled to the region on behalf of Save The Waves. The docs tended to dozens of people at the clinic in Curanipe and at the end of their weekend they made a visit to a local woman who had been stuck in bed since the earthquake, terrified, deeply depressed and unwilling to move. To make a long story short, the doctors got her up and out of the house, they had her walking around the neighborhood and stoked on life! Her family and neighbors saw it as nothing less than a miracle. We'll be organizing monthly visits like this one, for all regions, especially Constitución where the need is deep.

In Buchupureo, a local gardener - Carlos "Pollo" - has been hired and is in the process of building a greenhouse, planting seeds, and getting ready for a winter cultivation project. The goal is to have vegetables ready for the local schools' lunches by September and through December. A cash scholarship will also be administered for the two tiny schools in Buchupureo and students will be involved in the gardening project. Funds for Buchupureo have also been destined to purchase materials and training for the local Buchupureo firefighters whose efforts in the days after the quake were heroic.

In Cobquecura, Cesar is organizing construction materials and a work crew to rebuild the center of a local neighborhood group. Cesar is also starting a scholarship program there and is getting materials together for a community garden located where his house once stood in Cobquecura. We are also supporting an entrepreneurial group of women who are growing flowers for sale in this region, and we are purchasing materials for artisan fishermen who are members of a locally syndicated group of "shore pickers" in the remote coastal area just south of Cobquecura.

A strategy that we've been working on implementing is to listen to the locals and ask them what they NEED before we tell them to implement gardens, construction, fishing supplies, beach cleanups, etc. Some regions don't need a beach cleanup or a garden or a fishing net but they do need something else that no agency or org is supplying. So we're really trying to listen to the locals before we tell them what we have to give them. This is working out well as it adds an element of self-empowerment that is much needed in the tsunami zone!

More mini-projects will be coming online soon in all of these regions, please stay tuned for monthly updates.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, encouragement and confidence in our work:

Fuerza Chile!