Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Exist to Oppose This

This is what an extinct wave looks like. Save The Waves Coalition was formed to stop this type of problem from occurring. Learn more about Ponta Delgada and support our campaigns to Save The Waves: http://www.savethewaves.org/wave/ponta-delgada-madeira-portugal

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Invitation

An Invitation from Save The Waves: let’s define a wave. 

From the perspective of those who experience it, the purpose it serves, the feelings it evokes. How it looks, sounds, and moves. How it behaves. How it awes, and inspires, and delights us. How it holds the power to utterly transform us.

Let’s give voice to the reasons waves are special, treasured, cherished, adored. Let’s explain why they’re vital. The truths about why we worship at their altar.

Let's explore this elemental, fundamental part of our lives. A reflection of unexpected, surprising, taken-for-granted truths about the simple, awesome thing that is a wave.

We want to speak from the perspective of surfers and non-surfers alike. From that of naturalists, conservationists, and environmentalists. From nature-lovers and ocean-lovers. From young and old. Scaled and finned. From all over the oceans, all around the globe.

Let’s capture the inexpressible, magical power of the wave, and touch, in everyone, the place where these sentiments reside.

An Invitation (Watch the PSA video here)

Let’s show them just how to help keep waves protected, for now and for the future. At savethewaves.org