Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"All Points South" Wins Best Short Film at NYSFF!

New York City, NY:

Save The Waves Coalition and the New York Surf Film Festival are very proud to announce that Save The Waves’ documentary film, All Points South, has been awarded Best Short Film by the festival jury. The surfer-activist film, about pulp pollution, surfers, and fishermen in Chile, was chosen as best short from a field of over 15 films in the short films program.

New York Surf Film Festival co-founder Tyler Breuer announced the award to a packed audience gathered at the awards ceremony in lower Manhattan on Sunday night. “This short film is an emotional and compelling story with great surfing, and it completely deserves the award. It was an overwhelmingly strong decision by our 12-member jury panel to award the prize to All Points South.”

Save The Waves environmental director Josh Berry, who wrote and co-produced the film, was in New York to accept the award. “We took very serious risks to expose this ocean pollution drama in Chile, so it’s a great reward for the hard work put in by everyone involved in the film. The story of All Points South is not over yet and the people of Chile are the true stars of this ongoing chronicle.”

Said film director Sachi Cunningham, “We're thrilled with the recognition and hope that it inspires surfers everywhere who are concerned about the environment to not only think globally about our oceans' health, but also act locally to keep their breaks clean.”

Photo - a scene from All Points South: the installation of a massive forestry waste pipeline into the Pacific Ocean.

About the New York Surf Film Festival: The New York Surf Film Festival is the premier showcase for international independent surf film. The mission of the New York Surf Film Festival is to provide filmmakers who are exploring the diversity of surfing an opportunity to present their work to a larger audience. As surf culture becomes more popular, the notion of what it means to be a surfer expands. The New York Surf Film Festival's aim is to build upon and shape the idea of what a surf movie is, while fostering the growth of this global community in NYC. www.nysurffilm.com

About All Points South: www.allpointssouth.org

Photo: Canadian Raph Bruhwiler surfs in Chile for All Points South.


Vanessa said...

when is the general public release date i've been waiting for this documentary to come out for months!! :)

Stan said...
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Stan said...

I'm glad to read this announcement about Save The Waves. It shares its thoughts on surfing and the ocean environment. Thanks for sharing this great post.

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Janet said...

It's good to know the New York's aim to explain surf film. I would enjoy this kind of emotional story. Keep on posting updates!

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Max Moreno said...

'All Points South' is the 3rd and latest documentary film produced by Save the Waves, it's been an honor for all of you for winning such award. Congratulations!

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