Wednesday, February 17, 2010

International Conference on the Protection of Waves

First International Symposium on the Protection of Waves as a Natural, Economic & Sports Resource

Save The Waves Coalition is proud to announce its participation in the First International Conference on the Protection of Waves to be held next week in the Canary Islands. Save The Waves Coalition's environmental director Josh Berry will be presenting to an international audience of students, faculty, professionals and coastal experts at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

The conference aims to explore and promote the environmental, economic and recreational value of waves as a natural resource. Waves and their surrounding culture and environment hold great significance for the environment and for coastal communities. Waves as a natural resource exist in all coastal areas, yet waves are largely overlooked in coastal planning, community development, environmental awareness and the political process. The surf zone is also a focal point of diverse marine flora and fauna and waves have an important economic dimension that is increasingly becoming apparent through economic studies and the growing popularity of coastal communities.

Waves are the backbone of sport and leisure activities such as surfing, windsurfing, and other popular ocean pursuits. Yet waves are also constantly at risk of destruction or damage from development, pollution, erosion, climate change and other threats. This conference will promote and explore the benefits of waves and their importance to humanity.

Presented by: Spanish Surfing Federation, Canary Islands Surfing Federation and the National Sports Council
Organized by: Ángel Lobo Rodrigo and Tony Butt
With the support of: School of Law at University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
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Location: Aula Magna, Faculty of Law, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Dates: February 25 & 26, 2010
Languages: Spanish and English


− Tony Butt. PhD Physical Oceanography, University of Plymouth
− Dr. Angel Lobo Rodrigo. Lecturer in Administrative Law, University of La Laguna
− Josh Berry. Environmental Director, Save The Waves Coalition
− Jaime Saavedra Rodríguez. Economist and Consultant
− Ana González Pérez. Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, University of La Laguna
− Marcel Bonnet Escuela. Professor of Institutional Economics, Statistical Economics and Econometrics, University of La Laguna
− Xavier Pascual Lorente. Road, Canal & Ports Engineer; Head of Engineering and Architecture at Sener Consultants Spain
− Jorge Núñez Fraga. Professor of Zoology, University of La Laguna
− Antidia Citores. Lawyer specialized in European and International Issues, University of Pau and Pays de L’Adour, France

Conference Objectives:

− Understand the physical mechanisms behind the generation, propagation and breaking of ocean waves for surfing
− Understand the natural environment within which coastal ocean waves exist
− Become familiar with legal methods that can be used to protect the waves
− Understand the impact of coastal ocean waves on the local economy
− Study ways of intervening in the coastal environment without destroying waves
− Understand the economic importance of coastal ocean waves for energy and tourism

Conference Schedule:

February 25, 2010:

- Waves as a Natural Resource
- Wave Generation, Propagation and Breaking
By Tony Butt, Physical Oceanographer
- Marine Ecosystems and Waves
By Jorge Núñez Fraga, Reader in Zoology
-The Coastline and Waves
By Tony Butt, Physical Oceanographer
- Waves as an Economic, Sports and Social Resource
- The Sea as a Source of Energy
By Ana González Pérez, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting
- Practical Examples of the Importance of Waves as Recreational, Economic and Natural Resources
By Josh Berry, Environmental Director, Save the Waves Coalition

February 26, 2010:

- Tourism & Waves
By Jaime Saavedra Rodríguez, Economist and Consultant
- The Surf Industry
By Marcel Bonnet, Professor of Institutional Economics, Statistical Economics and Econometrics
- Legal Protection of Waves
By Angel Lobo Rodrigo, Lecturer in Administrative Law.
- Classification of Waves as Entities of Worldwide Historic and Cultural Heritage (Europe and UNESCO)
By Antidia Citores, European and International Lawyer.
- Sustainable Coastal Intervention
- Practical Examples of Sustainable Coastal Intervention
By Xavier Pascual Lorente, Civil Engineer
* Closing Round table: Towards a Policy of Sustainable and Respectful Coastal Intervention
-Ángel Lobo Rodrigo (Chair)
-Tony Butt
-Josh Berry
-Antidia Citores
-Representative of the Coastal Planning Department
-Representative of the Canary Islands Government

For a complete conference schedule, click here.

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