Friday, April 23, 2010

This Wave Would Be Buried by a Breakwater

A Reason for Surfers to Stop Visiting Ensenada? Proposed Port Expansion Could Destroy Baja Surf Spots:

A new coastal development proposal for the Baja Norte coast could alter some of Ensenada’s best surf spots. According to Zach Plopper of WiLDCOAST, “The Sauzal Port Development project would expand the existing port north of Ensenada with a breakwater extension and additional jetties, destroying Tres “M”s and Stacks and potentially damaging Baja’s iconic San Miguel.“

A public hearing was held in late April about Ensenada's Sauzal port development and numerous local residents and surfers expressed their opposition to the project. Eight out of 10 public speakers at the meeting were in opposition to the project. According to José Puig, of local surfer-environmental group Surf-Ens, "Several of the area's best surf spots are at serious risk of being destroyed. A big industrial port would be an eyesore at the entrance of this city driven by tourism, not to mention a reason for surfers to stop going to Ensenada."

The three stage project would cover over 500 acres of coastline and likely usher in additional development along the San Miguel-Ensenada corridor. Over 150 people were in attendance at Wednesday's meeting, including representatives of Surf-Ens, WildCoast, and local surfers. The public opinion was overwhelmingly against the proposed project.

Stay tuned as Save The Waves learns more about this development, its feasibility and its threats to the coastline. Baja California is famous for half-baked coastal projects such as this that are only partially developed but end up being nuisances and eyesores for everyone involved. We will be collaborating with WiLDCOAST, Surf-Ens and local opposition to do everything we can to protect the surfing areas of Baja Norte.

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