Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Santa Cruz Rally

Join ocean advocates in Santa Cruz this Sunday, October 7, 2012 for a rally on the Right to Vote on Desalination. 

Where: Mitchell's Cove, Santa Cruz, California.
When: 3PM, Sunday, October 7, 2012.
What: Rally for the Right to Vote on Desalination.

About: A desalination water facility is proposed for Santa Cruz. Local citizens believe that desalination raises such serious environmental and economic concerns that the final decision should be made by the people -- by inserting citizens' right to vote into the decision making process.

Ken “Skindog” Collins, local big wave surfer and Santa Cruz World Surfing Reserve Surfing Ambassador, says, “Santa Cruz does not need a Desal Plant right now. What Santa Cruz does need right now is the people of the community to step up, get involved, and protect the natural resources that we are truly blessed with, and want to continue to have for our children and generations beyond.”

Jim Littlefield, from Surfers’ Environmental Alliance (SEA), agrees: “SEA absolutely supports the right of Santa Cruz voters to ultimately decide whether or not to invest in such a massive construction plan when previous desalinization projects around our country have such a dismal success record.”

Background information: "Right To Vote on Desal" - Santa Cruz Wiki. 

Supporting organizations: Surfrider Santa Cruz, Surfers' Environmental Alliance, Save The Waves Coaliton. 

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